Nerf Dart Wars

If you have played LaserTAG,
 But are too scared to play Paintball...
Then you will love Dart Wars, all the Outdoor Fun of LaserTAG combined with the thrill of the hunt you get from Paintball, but with No Pain or Mess

Dart Wars is the new fun and painless way to get that extra thrill of shooting projectiles like in Paintball, but without the pain and mess.
Dart wars is for everyone! It’s the perfect game for groups or individuals as the guns shoot ammunition made from Nerf foam. Dart Wars is targeted to young players, parties, teams, and people to scared to play Paintball.


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Another 4 reasons why Dart Wars is so great:
1. Playing Fields;
    Wellingtons Only venue featuring 6 different playing fields,
    (same outdoor Playing Fields as Paintball).
2. Dart Guns;
    Semi Automatic Dart Guns, with 10 round clips that shoot
    ammunition made from Nerf foam
    (approx range 35 feet).
3. Safety and Equipment;
    Ammunition (Darts) made from Nerf foam, Nerf foam is made
    from a spongy cellular material.
    Players are provided with Safety Eye-Ware, Over-alls and Vests.
4. Value;
    You get more time and value for your money when compared to
    other indoor and out door Combat Systems.
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