Holiday Specials

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Age Limit, 8-10 years minimum

10 players minimum required



1.5 Hour/90 mins:


Each group is split into two teams, groups play 3 games (usually: 1 game on one of the Bush style Fields and 2 games on one of the Bunker Fields or Speedball Field.


Paintballs   Fee         

200 rnds      $20.00      

    All equipment needed will be provided or feel free to bring your own.
    (Over-alls, Marker, Mask, Gloves, Body Armour, Wet Weather Gear and AIR)




Paintballs   Fee       
50 rnds        $5.00
* Special available to all Students from 26th September to 11th October 2015 before 6pm.

* Special must be requested at time of booking.