Paintball is an exciting sport that is fast paced and action packed.

Paintball is the only sport in which size truly does not matter.


Inter-School Challenge


Each School can enter as many teams of 5 as they wish, everyone is welcome. It will be an awesome experience and a lot of fun.


We will be kicking the challenge off in May/June, (Running 4-6 Months with one event each Month), each team will play 3 games on each event against different Schools/Teams in the region, so a chance to meet new people and show them how good your School is!


We’re really looking forward to hearing from you. So don’t hesitate call us now to register.



Games:            2x20min Games in the Bush plus 1x10 min Game in the Bunker field.


Team Size:      5 people.


Cost:               $25.00 per person providing 200 paintballs.

                        Guns, Masks, Overalls, Body Armor and Military Camo Wet Weather Ponchos are included.


Location:         Benmore Crescent, Manor Park.



Please contact Dean on, 0800 48 48 63 (, if you have any questions or make arrangements to enter a team.