Laser TAG

Introducing Paintball Laser TAG, all the Fun of Paintball but Laser TAG style (No Pain or Mess)
Paintball Laser Tag is the new realistic and painless way to play paintball without the pain and mess!
Paintball Laser Tag is for everyone! It’s the perfect game for groups or individuals concerned about the perceived mess or pain of traditional paintball. It is targeted to young players, parties, teams, corporate outings.
Another 4 reasons why Paintball Laser TAG is different and the best:
1. Outdoor Play;
    Wellingtons Only Outdoor Laser TAG venue,
    You get the Full outside feel of Paintball
    (same outdoor Playing Fields as Paintball).
2. Real Guns;
    Guns being used are actual Paintball Markers/Guns that go bang
    when the trigger is pulled (fitted with the Laser TAG system).
3. Money;
    Cheaper than other Laser Force, Strike or TAG systems.
4. Value;
    You get more time and value for your money when compared to
    other Laser based systems.