Laser TAG

Thunderball Adventure Games hosts Wellingtons Largest developed Outdoor and Covered/Indoor location for all your shoot-em-up action adventure needs.
6 different Playing Fields catering for all weather and night game scenarios.

2 Storey Playing Field featuring darkened playing area fully equiped with laser lights, smoke machine and up to 12 eletronic bases.

Catering for all weather and night game scenarios.
Check out our Upcoming Events for Cheaper/Practice Games
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week by appointment.

Thunderball hosts a variety of exciting sports that are;

 fast paced, action packed and the only sports in which size truly does not matter!

Thunderball Adventure Games is fantastic for;
      • Birthdays
      • Team Building
      • Great Exercise
      • Leadership Training
      • Morale Boosting
      • Christmas Parties
      • Pure Fun

Facilities Available at Thunderball Adventure Games;
      • Large Netted Car Park
      • Toilets / Changing Room
      • Netted Safety Area
      • Covered Shop
      • BBQ (FREE of Charge)
      • Picnic Area
      • Firing Range
      • Over-the-counter Paint Sales
      • EftPos, MasterCard & Visa Excepted
Grab 10 or more players and take the challenge

* * * Games available at Thunderball * * *

Age Limit, 8-10 years minimum

The ultimate sport in which people of all ages compete in teams or as individuals.

Paintball guns/markers shoot a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule with a non-toxic, water-soluble colored liquid inside.

Thunderball offers 3 options of powered guns/markers;

Normal power - markers fire at approx. 250-270 fps

Low power - markers fire at approx. 150-170 fps to reduce impact by approx. 1/2

Low power ultimate - low power option + Paintballs are softened to reduce impact by another approx. 1/3

(Low power/ultimate must be requested when booking)



Age Limit, 5-7 years minimum

The SplatMaster system is intended to introduce younger people to the sport of paintball, the guns shoot a smaller than normal paintball at a drastically reduced speed (approx. 100-150 fps).

Nerf Dart Wars

Age Limit, 5-7 years minimum

Dart wars is for everyone! It’s the perfect game for groups or individuals as the guns shoot ammunition made from Nerf foam. Dart Wars is targeted to young players, parties, teams, and people to scared to play Paintball but want that little bit extra. 

Players welcome to bring there own guns and gear.

Paintball LaserTAG

Age Limit, 5-7 years minimum

Paintball LaserTAG is the new realistic and painless way to play paintball without any pain and mess!

If you liked Laser Force & Laser Strike...
Then you will love LaserTAG