Paintball Lower Hutt

Wellingtons Largest developed PAINTBALL and only outdoor LaserTAG location.
6 different Playing Fields catering for all weather and night game scenairos.

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week by appointment.



Paintball and outdoor LaserTAG are exciting sports that are fast paced, action packed and the only sports in which size truly does not matter!
Paintball and LaserTAG are Awesome for:
                Birthdays, Team Building, Great Exercise,
                 Leadership Training, Morale Boosting,
                 Adrenalin Packed Fun
Paintball Age Limit, 8-10 years & Upwards
LaserTAG Age Limit, 5-7 years & Upwards
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* * * ONLY $20.00 per person (save $15.00 each) * * *

Grab 8-10 Players and take the challenge today.