Playing Fields

Warning - Due to the number and quality of pictures, it is not advised that users with dial-up attempt to view pics.
D-Day:            Heavily fortified bunker overlooking open terrain and bush line, defend the bunker against overwhelming odds.
                              Field size - approximately 7000 meters squared.        click to view pics

Bush:              Different terrain types containing 6 bases and a heavily fortified 3 level fortress.
                       The ultimate setting for attack/defense and scenario games.
                              Field size - approximately 10000 meters squared.      click to view pics
Assault:          Theres not much time, attack the enemies defensive position, over-run them before it’s to late.
                              Field size - approximately 950 meters squared.    click to view pics
Bunker:          Use the surrounding bunkers to out-maneuver the enemy, push them back, then over-run their base.
                      But watch out, there are a lot of bunkers to hide behind, and you can be sure they are out to get you to. 
                              Field size - approximately 4500 meters squared.   click to view pics

Covered / Indoor: - New Field Under Construction
                      Stay dry on the wettest day, this close combat field combines the feel of room to room searches with the excitement of
                      Bunker Fields mixed with a generous amount of Speed Ball fun.
                      The ultimate in all weather combat.
                      (WET WEATHER & NIGHT GAMES ONLY)
Speed Ball:    Use the surrounding bunkers to out-maneuver the enemy, push them back, shoot as many of their players as you can.
                       But watch out, soon the whistle will go again and you will be forced to move to another location, pray you don’t get hit.
                       Field size - approximately 2000 meters squared.   click to view pics