Paintball Outdoor

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For more information please contact us to discuss options and deals available
Paintball is the ultimate sport in which people of all ages compete in teams or as individuals.
Paintball guns/markers shoot a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule with a non-toxic, water-soluble colored liquid inside.
Thunderball offers 3 options of powered guns/markers; 
  • Normal power                - markers fire at approx. 250-270 feet per second (fps)
  • Low power                     - markers fire at approx. 150-170 fps to reduce impact by approx. 1/2
  • Low power ultimate      - low power option + Paintballs are softened to reduce impact by another approx. 1/3
Note: Low power/ultimate must be requested when booking
Age Limit, 8-10 years minimum
10 players minimum required (see Open Day/s for exceptions)

Thunderball's Indoor Booking Advantage;
Indoor Bookings have priority over Indoor Field use and can choose to use the Outdoor fields.

Outdoor Bookings only have access to the Indoor Field on wet/cold days as long as there are no Indoor Bookings at the time.

1.5 Hour/90 mins Options:
Each group is split into two teams, groups play approx. 3 games (usually: 1 game on one of the Bush style Fields and 2 games on one of the Bunker Fields or Speedball Field.

Paintballs   Fee           
150 rnds      $35.00 
200 rnds      $40.00      
250 rnds      $45.00
2.5 Hour/150 mins Options:
Each group is split into two teams, groups play approx. 4-6 games (usually: 2 games on one of the Bush style Fields, 2 games on one of the Bunker Fields and 1-2 games on the Speedball or Assult Fields.
Paintballs   Fee         
150 rnds      $40.00
200 rnds      $45.00      
250 rnds      $50.00 (Group Discounts Available)      
    All equipment needed will be provided or feel free to bring your own.
    (Over-alls, Marker, Mask, Gloves, Body Armour, Wet Weather Gear and AIR)
GROUP DISCOUNTS (2.5 Hour/150 mins) $50.00 Games Only) 
OFFER 1:     15+ people, $5.00 discount (per person).  

OFFER 2:     20+ people, OFFER 1 + extra Paintball purchases @ $5.00 per 50 (50% discount) AND free 50 extra paintballs per person.

Note  - Discounts not applicable to bookings starting after 7pm


Paintballs   Fee       
50 rnds        $10.00
100 rnds      $15.00

Note: A deposit will be required to confirm bookings and will be accredited to booking on the day (contact Thunderball for details).