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Student Night Game

   All Students welcome, regardless of experience or age.
   Teams will be created from the total number players present (ensuring teams are evenly matched).
   Field Markers will be equipped with torches.
   NOTE: Please contact Thunderball (Contact / Location) to reserve your spot.
   Dates / Times
    Saturday 21st March - Various games played between 7.00pm - 10.00am.
    NOTE: Players are asked to be on location at 6.30pm.
   Game / Pricing
    1 player                              - $30.00 per person per match.
    3 players (1 squad)         - $75.00 per team ($25.00 per person) per match.
    12 players (4 squads)    - $240.00 per team ($20.00 per person) per match.

    Extra Ammo can be purchased at $5.00 per 100 Paintballs.
    Each Player will be provided 200 Paintballs and all equipment (Marker/Gun, Mask, CO2 Bottle, Hopper, Overalls) if required.