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Student Open Day

    All Students under 20 years old are welcome to enter.
    Teams will be created from the total number players present (ensuring teams are evenly matched).
    Players are welcome to play any part of/or the whole 4 hours etc.
    All equipment needed (Over-alls, Marker, Mask, Wet Weather Gear and CO2) will be provided or feel free to bring your own.
    NOTE: Please contact Thunderball (Contact / Location) to reserve your spot.
   Dates / Times
    Sunday July 19th - COMPLETED (Weather = Cloudy, 12 Players attended).
    Sunday August 16th - COMPLETED (Weather = Cloudy, 16 Players attended).
    Sunday September 13th - Various games played between 12.00pm - 4.00pm.
    NOTE: Field will be open from 11am so that players can arrive early to set-up.
   Game / Pricing
    $15.00 (Field Fee Only - Purchase the number of Paintballs you want).
   Paintballs (extra ammo)
    Option 1:    $5.00 per 100 Paintballs
                      * Field Grade Paintballs will be supplied for field owned Markers/Guns.
                      * Tournament Grade Paintballs will be supplied for Owner Operated Markers/Guns.
    Option 2:    Bring your own Paintballs and pay only $5.00 surcharge per 500 Paintballs.